If you are ever in Las Vegas, and need to take a break from gambling, and nonstop partying, I would definitely go check out the Hoover Dam.  It is just on the Arizona border. I actually parked in Arizona and walked to Nevada just to see it. Me and my girlfriend needed to get away from Vegas for a few hours and figured since we were so close we would drive up and check it out.20170923_094758

It was a nice getaway from Las Vegas and it kept me from the casinos for a little while. Pictures do not do this place justice, when you look down the Hoover Dam it actually takes your breath away, so if you are afraid of heights I would ease my way up to it, but that shouldn’t stop you from going. Even higher across the canyon is the bypass. There is a trail you can take just up the road to get access to the highway bypass.20170923_095225

I would get some sleep before , because we all know that nobody sleeps when they go to Las Vegas. I know I don’t! So go to the Hoover Dam! Take as many pictures as you can. Trust me, you will enjoy it, and the time away from the casinos will save you some money!20170923_100421