Now we get to one of my favorite places to travel in the U.S. I remember watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas when I was younger, and told myself if you go anywhere in your life, you have to go to Las Vegas. If you love to gamble, this is paradise! I can only imagine the amount of money that runs through this place. Usually I stay at the Westgate Resort and Casino located just outside the strip. It has the best sports book in the whole country! When you walk in, there is a statue of Elvis Presley in front of the check in desk. This is the hotel he stayed at just before he died.

My View from the Westgate Hotel

Las Vegas is one of the most tourist visited places in the world, and I can see why! It has everything you need for entertainment! I have spent a lot of time at the blackjack tables in this city, and have won plenty of money. It can be so easy to spend all your time in the casino, but you must get out and explore everything in Vegas. Walk the strip, and check out all the hotels, or go see a show! It can be very easy to get caught up in the sin, and debauchery Las Vegas has to offer, so take a break and do something other than drink, and gamble.

Las Vegas: On/Off Strip

Fremont street is where all the freaks come out, but it is a fun experience. I tell everyone who visits Las Vegas to go check out Fremont street. Pre game before you go, because drink can be pretty expensive. Live music, side shows, and some of the best street performers come out to Fremont street to entertain the tourist. You might get a few mental scars, but you will have a great time!20160809_234024

Visit Las Vegas, and have the time of your life! Make some money at the casinos ( or lose some). I have a crazy story every time I come back, and im sure you will too!