I took a weekend trip to Denver, Colorado with my girlfriend, and we both loved every minute of it! The people in Denver were so nice and great to talk to. I don’t think I met one rude person the whole trip. If you enjoy scenery, and other things that are legal in this state( if you know what I mean) then I suggest you take a trip to Colorado. My visit to Colorado was different than most people go there for, because I just love the scenic outdoors, and wanted to experience it for myself. We decided to hike red rock trail just outside the city. Red Rock Amphitheater, where they have lots of concerts, is located near this trail. I would love to have got to experience a live concert here, but unfortunately it wasn’t on the itinerary.

Amy wanted a picture

The hiking trail was fun, and had great scenery, but i suggest you bring a water bottle because this trail will take it out of you! It also helps to be in good shape, because the altitude will make you short of breath quicker than normal. Overall it was great getting out, and getting some exercise while enjoying the amazing views!20180324_111333

So, we decided to go visit downtown Denver one day an unexpectedly landed up right in the middle of a huge gun protest. We had no idea this was going on, but it was something we will never forget! Thousands of people were marching in the street with there signs, protesting gun laws. It was pretty crazy! It never fails, I always end up getting into something crazy whenever I go places.

Huge Gun Protest in Denver

So if you love big skies, nice people, and beautiful scenery, go check out Denver, Colorado! It was a great experience for me, and I will definitely be going back the next chance I get.