California was on my list of places to go visit for a long time before I decided to go. I really didn’t have a reason to go, I just kinda went. I got a really good deal on a hostel at, because I had heard that L.A. was a pretty expensive city to visit. I had too much I wanted to see and do so I knew I wasn’t going to be spending much time in my room. First thing I did after landing in L.A. was drop off my bags, and headed to Long Beach! The water was clear blue, and very cold! I spent most of my first day just walking along the ocean and checking out the piers.20180417_151755

The next day I wanted to go to Huntington Beach and see how the surfing was. The water was just too cold for my liking, so I decided to just watch from the pier. I decided to go in May, so the weather was very nice, but not quite nice enough to get in the water. That didn’t stop the locals from killing the waves.


That same night, I decide to go to a restaurant in Long Beach called Forbidden City. They had some of the best sushi I had ever eaten! The live music was great as well. Brian Haner Sr. was performing that night, and being a Guitarist myself I had to stay and listen. For those who don’t know, Brian Haner Sr. is the Father of Synyster Gates from Avenged Sevenfold. One of my favorite Guitarist’s.20180419_195153

I spent the next day visiting Hollywood. It was a good time, but it was nothing like what I had seen on T.V. I went to the Hollywood sign, and checked out the Hollywood walk of fame while I was there.20180418_151022

California was great! I think about going back all the time, but next time I will wait till the water warms up so I can do some surfing.