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Money Saving Travel Tips

Visiting different places can be pretty rough on the bank account at times so I am going to tell you some of the ways I cut cost when traveling.We all know the price of airfare can be quite costly, especially when flying to other countries. There are many options to finding cheap airfare if you are willing to do your homework.



Right now I have mostly been using skyscanner.com to find deals on plane tickets. It pulls up prices from many different airlines to find you the best deal. The only thing is it will sometimes pull up flights with long layovers, but if you are flexible, and willing to hang out at the airport for a couple of hours, you can get great deals on wherever you want to go. If you are not sure where and when you would like to travel, you can put it in the search bar that you are not sure and it will bring up different destinations by price and cheapest time to fly. This is an excellent website for flexible travelers.


Google flights is another option for searching flight prices. Just put in your destination and it will pull up a calendar with the prices for the whole month under each day. If you are just trying to get away for the weekend, some of the best flight deals usually are very close together so you wont have much time to really get out and do anything before having to head back to the airport, but if you are taking a longer trip it can be a great tool for finding the best rates.


Sometimes when I want to go somewhere without any hassles I will just buy my ticket straight from the airline website. Mostly I fly Delta when i do this, just because of their great hospitality and they don’t have any hidden carry on or luggage charges. Create a skymiles account so you can get airline perks. Sometime if you accrue enough miles you can exchange for another plane ticket without having to purchase it. For the most part I use Delta for short flights within the country, but if I plan on taking an international trip I usually go with the above methods.


Airfare is probably the most costly of all of your travels, but secondly is going to be your accommodations. Luxury hotel will charge an arm and a leg just to stay a few nights. Now this really depends on how nice you want your rooms to be, but if you are like me, you really don’t spend to much time in the hotel room.


This is a website where people open up their homes or rental homes for people to stay short term. I usually find great deals on this website, and the places have been very nice so far. Usually you get a bedroom with your own bathroom, cable, and free WiFi. You also get access to the kitchen, washer and dryer, and living room area. Last time I used this website I made reservations to stay in Los Angeles and i met a really cool couple from Germany who were staying in the next bedroom. They were there ding the same thing, just wanted to visit Southern California. So, not only did Homeaway help me find a good deal on accommodations, but helped me make some cool friends as well.


Airbnb is a lot like Homeaway, not only does it have great deals on accommodations, but it find some pretty cool activities for you to do while you are exploring your destinations. It has everything from hiking adventures, kayak trips to recommendations to restaurants you should try. Airbnb is great for helping you find ways to enjoy the culture of your destination. So go check it out!


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